Many people have written us here at Meridian to ask how to download the new Joseph Smith App and also how to give this new App as a gift for Christmas. Here are some simple instructions. Remember, the nice thing about this gift is that you can send it as late as Christmas morning and it will still get there on time!

How to Download the Witness of the Light App

1) Go to this link:

2) Your PC, Laptop, Desktop and/or MAC will likely try to open the page and it will then give to a protocol warning popup that looks something like this:


(Please note: If you are working from you iPad, you can click on that same link and it will go right to the App page. You can ignore the number 3 below)

3) Click on LAUNCH APPLICATION. This will open iTunes and open to the App page in iTunes for Witness of the Light. You’ll see a screen that looks something like this:


4) Click on the button below the App Icon (below the square box that has an art piece of Joseph Smith and the initial W over that picture. Click where it says $8.99 Buy.

5) Follow the instructions carefully from there. Within a minute or so, the Witness app will start downloading.

To Give the App as a Gift from Desktops or Macs

Here are the instructions:

1) If you are using a MacBook Pro, iMac, PC or other Desktop, the first thing you’ll want to do is click on this landing page here:

2) Your computer will likely ask you if you want to open the application iTunes. You will see a popup screen that looks something like this:

3) Please click on “Launch Application” (In other words, you want to open iTunes.)

That iTunes landing page for Witness will look something like this:


4) Now, go to the place where you can see the price, $8.99 in the upper left corner, just under the Witness App Icon (the square that has the picture of Joseph Smith and the W). That part of the screen looks like this:


5) Click on the little black arrow just to the right of the $8.99 Buy button. A drop down menu will appear like this:

Share and Buy Screen Witness Itunes

6) Click on the Gift This App (the first line of the drop down menu). That screen will look like this:

Gift Screen Share Witness

7) You may put one email address to send this to (in the “TO” field), or, you can put multiple email addresses (all your children with iPads for example), just be sure and separate each email address with a comma.

8) You may write a personal message of up to 200 characters in the larger box.

9) Then hit the NEXT button, when you are ready and follow the final easy instructions. You can give this gift anytime, even up until Christmas morning (and any day of the year).

Instructions from you iPad

1) Open your iPad and click on the App Store. That icon looks like the blue one in the upper right of this screen shot:


2) Go to the search bar in the upper right corner and touch your finger to it so you can type in it. See the search bar there in the upper right?

IMG_12303) Type in Witness of the Light in the search bar then hit the SEARCH button on your keypad.


4) You will see the following screen open with the Witness of the Light icon:


5) Click on the little box in the upper right corner of that popup window—that box with the little arrow pointing upwards. The following screen will pop up:


6) Click on the GIFT box (the second one from the left on the bottom row) and this screen will pop up.

IMG_1234 (1)

7) Fill out the information on the screen marked: Send Gift. Put in the email address you want to send the gift to. You may fill out the personal message of up to 200 characters. Then hit the NEXT button in the upper right and follow the final, simple instructions. You may give this App as a gift any time, any day, because it is immediately delivered and immediately downloadable.

Thank you for purchasing or gifting the Witness of the Light iPad App. We’re so excited to share this with you!