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You’ve been purchasing the First Vision Bicentennial Calendar by the thousands and we want to share the wealth.  It might be the easiest way you’ve ever earned some extra Christmas cash.

How It Works

Just purchase any number of calendars (one or more) for yourself and you will then receive a link to share with your friends through your email list, your Facebook Page or your Instagram account.  This affiliate link you will receive is your own personal code and when you friends click on that link and decide to buy calendars, you will be credited $3.00 for each calendar sold!  At the end of November (and the end of December) you will receive the money through a PayPal transfer.  It’s that simple. 

If your friends and family buy 50 calendars (many have been buying 10, 15, or even 25 calendars at a time for gift giving) then you’ll receive $150! If they buy a total of 210 calendars, you will receive $630! It’s as simple as that.

You can purchase the calendars here:

If you are the head of an organization with a lot of Latter-day Saints (a law chapter, a business chapter, a Latter-day Saint social organization of any kind) you can write an endorsement and encourage your members to buy the calendar and you’ll be rewarded.  Sell 1,000 calendars, receive $3,000! 

But I Already Purchased My Calendars!

Are you among those who have already purchased your calendars?  You’ve now received the calendar and love it, but you don’t want to miss this opportunity to earn some extra Christmas cash—or perhaps you want to encourage your children or grandchildren to earn some cash.   Watch your email inboxes in the next few days.  We will be sending each one of you who have already purchased calendars an affiliate link—use this link in your email lists and social networks and your family’s social networks and you can start earning cash.  Again, watch your email for the special affiliate link you can use.

By the way, there will not be a sentence or an ad on your link that says the person who sent you this will be earning money from each and every purchase.  No, it’s just a way of spreading the word and we wanted to share the profits with you.

To purchase calendars, click here:

I have about 3,400 friends on my Facebook social network.  Each of those friends has a number of friends in their networks.  For example, my cousin, Heather Henderson Osmond, has 5,000 additional friends and only 169 of them are mutual with my group.  My friend, Denise has 431 friends with only 18 mutual.  The list goes on an on.

As you say something positive and wonderful about how you feel about the First Vision Calendar with a recommendation, this will sell more of your friends on this than we could ever do—and then you benefit from every sale.

This is coming right out of our profits—we just want to get this beautiful calendar out far and wide so that thousands and tens of thousands of families can celebrate, commemorate and remember the First Vision in this Bicentennial year and have the very foundations of the Restoration be a part of their thinking and their gratitude.

We love the Prophet Joseph.  Every month there is a new and inspirational quote from him to fill your mind and soul with joy and wonder. You’ll love the stunning photography of the Sacred Grove and parts of the Smith Farm near Palmyra.  You’ll love seeing places significant to Joseph (like his birthplace on December 23).

Will you join us in spreading the word and helping get this beautiful calendar out as far and wide as possible?  Thank you for your recommendations and your good words and reviews of this calendar to your friends.

This calendar will be a constant reminder all year of one of the most significant events in all of history—an event in the early spring of 1820 that would change the history of the entire world. This visit of Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ to the boy Joseph Smith was the opening of the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times.

You can purchase the calendar here: