“When I think of the Book of Mormon, I think of the word POWER”

President Russell M. Nelson (Oct., 2017, Gen. Conf.)

Anyone who studies the book with real intent can agree with the prophet’s declaration.  There IS power in this other “testament of Jesus Christ” because it draws people TO Jesus Christ (who is the source of all power). 

But, for a primary age child, it can be pretty daunting to fully understand and appreciate what the Book of Mormon has to offer.  Yes, they know some of the basic stories… but what more can we do for them in this year’s Come Follow Me study? How can we help children better feel and access Christ’s POWER through the Book of Mormon?  Focus on the PRINCIPLES! 

Elder Richard G. Scott taught that “principles are concentrated truth, packaged for application to a wide variety of circumstances.”  Simply put, it’s the doctrines and PRINCIPLES found in the Book of Mormon, when applied, that have the POWER… especially for children. 


That was what I had in mind in 2005 when my kids became old enough for scripture story books.  As a seminary teacher at the time, I was looking for age appropriate books that followed the seminary approach to scripture learning:  STORY => PRINCIPLE => APPLICATION

I was not impressed with my options (or lack thereof).  

So, I pulled out my pens and paper and began to write and illustrate the “Who’s Your Hero? Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children” series.

Book of Mormon intro - powerpoint (4).jpg

Since then, these books have been helping thousands of children apply Book of Mormon heros’ examples to their young lives.  Each story in these books focuses on a PRINCIPLE a particular hero exemplifies and then, shows kids how they can be like that hero today.  For example: “How Can I Love to Serve Like Ammon?”, “How Can I Apologize like Alma?”, “How Can I Act Responsibly Like Mormon & Moroni?”  In this way, the scripture stories feel relevant to their age and experience.


Now, my goal is to take the “Who’s Your Hero?” book model to the video screen through my DRAWN IN series.  And what better time to do it then when the whole church is studying the Book of Mormon through “Come Follow Me”


2 videos each week that coincide with the “Come Follow Me” curriculum for that week (approximately 12 minutes in length each)

I teach the basic STORY of the Book of Mormon chapters for that week through sped up drawings.  I’ve noticed there’s something very engaging about watching someone turn a blank sheet of paper into a complete drawing.  Kids (and adults) love it.  Bob Ross was on to something back in the eighties.  Then, we discover PRINCIPLES found within the story.  Lastly, I draw/teach ways children can APPLY those principle at their level.  And… we have a lot of fun doing it! J

You can watch a sample episode here: 


Several per week that parents can print off and refer to throughout the week

Now, watching a video is great, but it’s what kids do afterwards that really matters.  To help kid’s internalize and live the principles, supplemental PDF downloads come with each episode; such as a PRINCIPLE OF POWER Coloring sheet, a POWER VERSE reminder sheet, and a NOW, IT’S MY TURN sheet… where kids can record how they do each week on the applications discussed in the videos.  And there are bonus downloads as well, like the fun BOOK OF MORMON READING PROGRESS sheetWho wouldn’t want to journey down that fun, winding, colorful path of the book of Mormon, coloring in the chapters as you go? J

IMG_3615 (2).JPG

What an adventure we embarking on in 2020!  Woo Hoo!  I’m excited for the things we are going to learn and feel as we study the Book of Mormon in our families.  I hope this DRAWN IN series can help your kids better engage in this adventure.  We’ll see you at the drawing table!

To get more info on the DRAWN IN series or to subscribe, just go to: www.davidbowmanart.com