albright hermana

Dear President,

This past Friday we had one of the biggest miracles of my entire mission.  It was a huge testimony to me that the work of spreading the gospel is the Lord’s work. Here’s what happened:

We left our apartment Friday afternoon with everything set to go: four teaching appointments scheduled, exchanges organized with the members, lessons planned, etc. We were excited to have a very productive and successful evening.  However, as the night went on, EVERY single one of our appointments fell through. Either they forgot (even though we had just confirmed), weren’t home, or were just too busy to see us.

I remember driving along and thinking, “Heavenly Father must want us to be somewhere else right now.” I could tell that Hermana Trepanier was getting a little discouraged, so I said, “Hermana, right now isn’t the time to be discouraged. This isn’t our work to be discouraged about, it’s the Lord’s work! Satan wants us to feel sad, unanimated, and frustrated. But we don’t have time to feel like that because Heavenly Father will guide us to where he obviously wants us to be.”

As we sat in the car, the thought came into my mind that we should check on a referral named Jessica that the English sisters had recently given to us. We had made contact with her earlier that week, but she told us that it would be pointless to drop by because she was going to be moving that week.  We decided to go by and visit her anyway, just to see if she needed any help with her move.

When we knocked on the door, a very tall, skinny man opened the door. We made small talk for a minute, and then asked for Jessica. He told us that she wasn’t there any longer. As we were talking to the man at the door,  his wife, Leda, came running up and excitedly asked:  “Are you the Mormons?” Of course we were shocked and said, “Yes we are!” She said, “I have been searching all over for your church! My granddaughter was recently baptized LDS she and has told me so many wonderful things about your church and your beliefs.”  

She invited us to come inside, and then we shared with her Moroni 7 where it talks about how miracles still happen today. We then shared a brief message about the restoration. Leda started to cry and said, “I know you were sent by God to my door. I know that this church is true, and I know that this book you use, the Book of Mormon, is from God.”

Meeting Leda and Antonio has honestly been one of the most beautiful experiences of my mission. They have truly been humbled and prepared by the Lord to receive the restored gospel. They are both from Honduras and were previously very affluent. They were both involved in politics at the presidential level. They lived the life of luxury, but then decided to come to the United States, because they were promised a great opportunity. Sadly it had all fallen through. They now lived in a tiny rented room in a home, with no car, and bad jobs. Leda also was suffering from a severe lung disease.

Shortly after our first visit, Leda and Antonio, our miracle couple, agreed to be baptized. They are so excited! They feel like they have been blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to become members of the Church. I love my mission! The time here has been so great, and I am excited to keep on working hard in all areas of the work.

Much Love,

Hermana Ferry