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August 23, 2019


Photographs by Scot Facer Proctor, text contributed by Mariah Proctor. 

When you enter Moon’s Rare Books, Antiques & Fine Art, you may wonder whether you’ve just stepped into a shop or into a museum. The short answer: it’s both. Owner and Meridian author Reid N. Moon says he calls his new space (which officially opened at the Riverwoods in Provo, January 5), more of a book and art gallery than a shop. “People can come visit, look around and see the last six hundred years of bible history, three hundred years of literature and nearly two hundred years of early Mormon books and artifacts,” says Moon.

The experience of this gallery is a carefully cultivated one from the moment you enter the door. Nearly everything you see, including the very bricks under your feet, has a rich history. “Over the past 32 years,” Reid says, “I’ve visited about a thousand different bookstores around the world. This shop incorporates some of my favorite aspects of those shops.”

Like most good things, the incredible collection on display for everyone to enjoy started small and simple. Reid Moon hadn’t spent much of his life reading for fun until he graduated from college and started working in his family’s LDS bookstore in Dallas, Texas. He realized that he was woefully unequipped for the job and so decided to bring home a book a day to read in order to catch up. Three years later, he had read a thousand books.

In the pre-internet era, many of the people that came into their family shop were looking for books that were out of print. So, Reid began looking through used bookstores and the D.I., looking for one and two dollar additions to their used book collection. Before long, that became the most popular part of the store and three decades later that “used” section has graduated into a treasure trove of the best of the best books.

Come with us now as we show you just a few of the exciting things you can come see for yourself at this new place that is part shop, part museum, part wonderland, and conveniently located in Provo, Utah.

Karen HaeringJanuary 9, 2018

Thank you Scot for the great article, It was so fun to have you come and interview Reid. I know your schedule was hectic to say the least. We appreciate all you and Maurine do.

Donna DavidsonJanuary 9, 2018

I so wish I lived closer. If I make it to Provo, I’ll definately be there. I also would like to look at the history, and of course the out of print books. What an awesome thing you have done for your community and the world.