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December 7, 2023


If you’ve seen Meet the Mormons, you’ve met Bishnu Adikari, the humanitarian who lifts the extreme poor in breathtaking Nepal as he works with CHOICE Humanitarian. Each year Meridian chooses a humanitarian project that we work on together with our readers. Since the beginning of this year we have partnered with CHOICE and Bishnu to lift the people (about 100,000) of an entire region of Nepal out of extreme poverty. This is made possible because of leadership training and economic development.

We celebrate the launch of our new Meridian with a photo essay showing you the beautiful faces of the extreme poor in Nepal. Among other improvements, this new Meridian facelift allows us to have bigger, more stunning photo essays than ever before.

Since so many of you have helped in this humanitarian project, I thought you would love to see the real faces of these real people. Every person you see in this essay lives on a household income of less than $1.25 USD a day. You will see joy and pain in their faces. You will see pure beauty and you will see hard work written all over their faces. If you go through all the pictures to the end, I’ll include a couple of pictures of Bishnu himself!

Anne PrattNovember 2, 2014

Incredibly beautiful and touching!

KathyOctober 31, 2014

What Beautiful pictures! You truly captured the beauty in these people! They have a beautiful countenance on there faces and shows how hard there work and lives are. Thank you for sharing such beauty. I can not do much to help them but I will keep them In my prayers and you all that do as much as you can for them.


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