Photo Essay: The Counsel of President Ballard to the Youth in Rome | Meridian Magazine
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December 7, 2022


How many youth in the entire Church (outside of general conference) get to sit in the same room with President Nelson, President Ballard, Elder Holland, Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Rasband, Elder Renlund and Elder Soares?  What an evening to remember!  We had our camera there and took some beautiful pictures of the youth and we captured many of the words President Ballard shared.  Come and see and read and feel the spirit of that evening, Saturday, March 9, 2019 in Rome.

Todd LillywhiteMarch 14, 2019

SPQR Symbol of Rome which stands for "The Roman Senate and People" It is sometimes changed by outsiders or detractors to a derogatory acronym by substituting words. But I'm going to say Sono Perfetti Questi Romani! These Romans are Perfect.


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