Photo Essay: The Beautiful Faces of the Polynesian Cultural Center | Meridian Magazine
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December 9, 2022


Don’t miss this seeing the beautiful faces in this photo essay AND don’t miss the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii for 4! It takes 30 seconds to enter. Click here. Visitors are not just attracted to the Polynesian Cultural Center because they get to experience a taste of authentic Polynesia with dancing, drums and games. It is these faces, many of them students from BYU-Hawaii, that bring people here. Visitors overwhelmingly say that they are impressed with the kindness, courtesy and respect of the student employees or that they have never been in a happier environment anywhere in the world.

Kaye OhlendorfJanuary 6, 2017

The five pictures I was able to view were so lovely. I was however disappointed not to be able to see all 24. Please consider putting others there to show, if you are unable to show the originals. What joy they show in their countenance!

Wayne KalamaNovember 18, 2016

I am aware of a story concerning President Hinckley's visit to China. The Chinese invited him as the president of the Cultural Center because they were concerned other Faiths would have wanted the same privileges if he would have come as the leader of the Church.


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