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December 3, 2023


In a time when so many are trying to push religion only into the private spaces of a home or church, sculptor Angela Johnson has done a bold and beautiful thing. She has created The Light of the World Garden, a spiritual oasis from the cares and concerns of this world at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah where all are invited.

The garden features 15 scenes of 35 heroic-sized statues from the life of the Savior. Wander the graveled pathways and suddenly you come upon the Savior walking on water or meeting the woman at the well. In this garden you seem to participate in the scenes of his life, walking around them and viewing faces from every angle.

You can tour some of them in the next photographic images.



JenniferSeptember 26, 2016

Such a stunningly beautiful photo essay! Thank you to Angela for sharing her incredible talent for sculpture, and to Meridian for these beautiful photos. I can't wait to visit this special place the next time I'm in Utah!

Joni HiltonSeptember 26, 2016

I have to think that the subjects of these glorious sculptures would surely know about this, and would visit. What a wonderful tribute, and what a strong Spirit must be there!


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