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May 20, 2024


One of the most holy and significant places on planet earth is the Sacred Grove, located just two miles south of the village of Palmyra in western New York.  For our people, only two other places compare in sacred significance to this place, namely Adam-ondi-Ahman and Jerusalem.

This past fall, I obtained permission to photograph the church historical sites during COVID, so Maurine and I packed up a few things, grabbed all our photographic equipment and drove in our Suburban (with Maurine’s injured arm) 6,600 miles to capture many of the sites. We were blessed in every instance with beautiful light, amazing site presidents and wives, wonderful weather (just the kind we needed) and rich outpourings of the Spirit.  Today I take you, in beautiful photographs, as if with the young boy Joseph, into the Sacred Grove. I encourage you to gather your spouse, your children or grandchildren, your roommate or some friends around the computer screen and read and discuss the captions one-by-one together.  Spoiler alert: These are fall photographs. The glorious event called The First Vision happened in the early spring.

Denise ChristensenJanuary 11, 2021

This photo essay is a perfect compliment to last week's Come Follow Me Podcast! Thank you Scot for that long drive to capture such stunning photographs. I felt like I was there! And thanks to both you and Maurine for our weekly podcasts. We look forward to our time listening and studying with you each Sunday!

V. BriggsJanuary 11, 2021

To access the beautiful photos on the Sacred Grove, run your cursor upward toward the cabin, and over the right edge of the screen and an ARROW should pop up indicating to click and "go" to the next photo.


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