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The following was written by the Young Men’s General Presidency and board for the Deseret News. To read the full article, click here

Getting everyone involved

Do you sometimes have poor turnout at young men activities? Do the young men seem disengaged and uninterested, even when they do show up? How can you get greater participation? Sometimes a leader might think that a costly, extravagant activity in a distant location is more likely to attract the young men. In reality, however, experience has shown that the best way to get young men to participate in activities is to involve them in the planning and carrying out of activities.

This can begin with something as simple as finding out what the young men are interested in. As quorum leaders sit in council together, they can plan activities that are based on those. Then, they can reach out to each quorum member — as well as friends of other faiths — and invite them to help carry out the activities. This will be key to the successful implementation of the new activity program for young men 14 to 18 years of age.

It may seem easier for an adviser to plan and carry out activities himself. But there are many advantages to involving the young men. For example, when quorum leaders and their advisers are sensitive to the needs and interests of each young man and his family circumstances, understanding and quorum unity increase.

Following in Handbook 2 that “most activities should be simple and have little or no cost” and that “long-distance travel is discouraged” (13.2.8, 13.6.24) help the young men see that it’s possible to have fun in their own community, without spending a lot of money. And involving the young men in planning and carrying out activities gives advisers excellent opportunities to “be with them,” “connect them with heaven,” and “let them lead.”

To read the full article, click here