“What’s Up With the Brethren?!”

The First Presidency’s message last week regarding Covid-19 caught many members by surprise. Though many welcomed it, for those who feel that some members of the government and its agencies have been incompetent and hypocritical—and perhaps even dishonest—it felt like capitulation. Or worse, retreat. With shock, some members have found themselves thinking: “For the first time in my life I actually think I disagree with the Church. How am I supposed to think about that?” People who have defended the Church from critics are now, in clear consternation, finding themselves feeling critical. This reaction is not surprising. Such members feel that in more than one way righteous principles and personal liberty have been under massive attack in our society. (You name the issue. There are many.) To the degree such members feel the government’s actions regarding Covid-19 are dishonest, or at least radically inconsistent (such as, in some locales, treating churches differently from other entities during lockdowns), it is easy to see these actions as just one more dimension of this ongoing assault on the gospel way of life. Feeling they have consistently stood with—and for—the Church on hot-button social issues, it now seems as if the Church is abandoning … Continue reading “What’s Up With the Brethren?!”