I hope you have enjoyed this week of #givethanks social media posts in response to President Russell M. Nelson’s invitation on November 20, 2020. My feeds have been way more uplifting and enjoyable. To help you keep up the good work, this article provides some ideas on what to keep doing.

Continue to Express Gratitude

Once we truly feel the power of gratitude, we should seek to incorporate it in our daily lives. Now that we’ve seen how easy it is to tell the world on social media what we are grateful for, we should now look for ways to express gratitude to others in a personal way as we interact with them.

Write Thank You Notes

Write physical thank you notes to others. A physical note is more long-lasting than a social media post and it is more personal. Think of all the people who provide you service during the pandemic, such as school teachers, church leaders, healthcare workers, police, fire fighters, and postal workers. Also think about your ministering brothers and sisters and the people you minister to. How about writing a note to a friend from years ago that you haven’t seen lately?

Reach Out to Those In The Opposite Situation

The article “3 Easy Ways to Give Back After You #GiveThanks” from LDS Daily suggests that we ponder those who lack the things you have.

  • Grateful for your spouse? Remember those who are single or LGBTQ.
  • Grateful for the scriptures? Remember those who live without the opportunity to hear the word of God.
  • Grateful for your healthy body? Remember those who are homebound or hospitalized, especially during this pandemic.

Whatever it is, you can begin to change other people’s lives by simply remembering them. As you remember them, the Lord will inspire you how to help those who lack what you have in abundance.

Support a Worthy Cause

Supporting worthy causes is a direct way to help those who are in need. The Church’s #LightTheWorld initiative provides ways you can donate money or volunteer your time to worthy causes. Find a cause that is dear to your heart and something you feel passionate about.

Share on social media about your service experiences so it will encourage others to provide service themselves. Use the hashtags #LightTheWorld or #GiveBack or #PayItForward.