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Accra, Ghana was chosen to promote and prepare for the upcoming global RootsTech Connect 2022 event. RootsTech provides inspiration and learning necessary for people across the world to connect with their family members past and present. The annual event, sponsored by FamilySearch, will be held online in March 2022. Steve Rockwood, CEO of Family Search, attended the colourful and vibrant pre-recording event. “We realize that it is time to reconnect,” he said, “so we decided to go to the heart of connection. It’s here in West Africa.”   

The pre-recorded event included stories and presentations from a host of guests from more than 10 West African nations. The audience included a host of government leaders from the various countries as well as Kings, Queens and Tribal Chiefs from Ghana and Nigeria. The Chairman of the gathering, Nii Dr Tetteh Kwei II, the Principal Kingmaker of the Ga State, surprised the audience by closing the event singing the Latter-day Saint hymn, “Love at Home,” and additional surprise then occurred as several members of the well known Bonner Family joined him on stage singing the hymn in a beautiful African harmony.   

The keynote speaker was Ghanaian Hall of Fame boxer, Azumah Nelson. He presented his rise to fame, humble beginnings, and his own family roots. “You must be interested in your family history and live the values it represents,” he said. “It is important to connect with your family members both past and present. You can visit FamilySearch for assistance.”

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