The most poignant feelings we have in this mortal existence often involve the deep connections we enjoy with our children and grandchildren. There is a familiarity that is often present with these children even before they are born. When the veil is very thin…

The Presence of Spirits

A couple of days after my 2nd son was born (third pregnancy), I was laying on the bed resting, when I distinctly felt the presence of spirits in the room on my left side. I had the uncanny feeling that they were my unborn children and were there viewing me and the circumstances that they would be born into.  At that time, an extraordinary thing happened.  I suddenly felt a yearning to have more children.  This was not normal! My default position after having a baby was generally something like, “Well, I’m never doing that again!” But strangely, just a day or two after this son was born I was wanting to welcome new spirits into my home.  I marveled at the change of heart that they brought, opening the way for them to be.

The singularity of sensing pre-born children is always sacred and oh so sweet! I’ve had many people willing to share their wonderful stories with me and have been given permission to also communicate them with you. Each story illustrates an inspiring way to be re-introduced to well-known, yet-to-be-born loved ones.

 “There is My Mother!”  “I Know You!”

Shelli Dimig had an experience akin to mine, where she felt a son who was observing her before birth.  She said,

“One afternoon in 1999, I was walking into my bedroom to set down a basket of laundry on my bed, feeling very, very ill due to major heartburn and morning sickness, being about four months pregnant. As I sat the basket down, I heard a click in the upper left-hand corner of my bedroom. I looked there and immediately heard an adult male voice say, “THERE IS MY MOTHER.” I was completely shocked, not expecting such an occurrence! I stood there and marveled that I must be having a boy and that he had, apparently brought his friend to see his future mother through the veil.

“I became very attached to my son-to-be at that point and looked forward to meeting him again and raising him.  (An interesting note is that my son Jay was born at home in that room just a few feet away from where I heard the click from above! It was a sacred space.)” [1]

Diane Chase told me about how after her 5th daughter was born, she became reacquainted with her daughter’s familiar spirit. As she was holding her in the hospital, they locked eyes and the message that clearly came through was, “I KNOW YOU!”[2] 

What a powerful message that was, and from then on the beautiful relationship with her daughter began again.

At times parents feel their yet-to-be-born children communicating with them to greet, advise, inform or comfort.  In the following story, the messages came to a grandmother who was able to encourage her unsettled granddaughter to come to earth. 

Hesitation of Preexistent Spirit

Laurel Larsen Stokes writes the following powerful experience:

“Just a year ago I was relaxing after a previous busy day at work and laying on my bed reading and dozing.  I was literally shaken awake by my ancestors, and I suddenly had an abrupt, emergent, encompassing “knowing” that there was a problem with my granddaughter that was scheduled to be born by C-section that day. I knew there was some kind of an emergency, so I immediately took action by checking with my daughter to see if there were any issues with the baby prior to her planned C-section.  Her only response was that it had been delayed for a couple of hours, but the unborn baby was doing fine.  I texted my other two daughters and asked them for their prayers and spoke to my husband asking for his prayers.   

“I felt the ancestors knew I needed to do those things while they waited for me. I went back to my room, sat on my bed feeling them surround me again.  I then was met by my great grandmother who was one of the early church midwives in northern Utah.  Though I have seen pictures of her when she was older, I was now seeing her as a young adult, but I had a “knowing” who she was. 

She escorted me over to an area where there were other spirits. Without speaking, she conveyed through thoughts that my granddaughter was there and was very hesitant to be born.  I communicated to my granddaughter without speaking that we would be there for her and would help her!  I then was sent back to my physical surroundings.

“My granddaughter was born healthy two hours later.” [3]

Who knows what would have happened if Laurel had not been allowed to intervene. The next story also involves a grandmother.  In this experience she saw her granddaughter in great detail in a very special setting…

Shining Apparition

JoJean Loflin had an extraordinary experience which occurred on November 7, 2002. Her daughter Andrea had struggled with carrying babies to full term and had previously lost several of them early on.  She had finally succeeded in her third in-vitro attempt, and the whole family rejoiced for her.  JoJean writes:

“On that Thursday morning, I left the house early as always to attend my Temple shift in the Provo Utah Temple.  That morning my heart was overflowing with gratitude and joy.  I expressed my thanks to God for the pregnancy of my daughter and asked that I would be open to the holy influences of the Temple.                                                                                           

“The Endowment room, as is customary, was darkened for the showing of the film, and I struggled to stay awake that hour of the morning, after just a few hours of sleep, and perhaps had briefly dozed off.

“I suddenly came to myself, raised my head, and looked around the darkened room, at this time fully awake. In the center of the aisle, between the two sides of the room, I saw light begin to gather and spread. It became brighter and brighter, filling the center of the room, though I still sat in darkness, and I saw a figure taking shape in the light that clearly became the figure of a woman.

“As she became more distinct, I was aware that the light continued to radiate into the back and upper corners of the room, and all around her. She was tall, slender and beautiful. Her whole being was radiant beyond my capacity to describe – glorious, elegant, shining, exquisite. She was wearing a white gown, gathered loosely at the base of the neck and falling from there to her feet and having long full sleeves that came to the wrist and were gathered into a cuff there. Her hands were beautiful and graceful, her arms not straight at her sides but with elbows bent, hands in front of her, her right hand slightly outstretched toward me.

“She was not a phantom or an apparition; I could not see through her but perceived her as a person of solidity and substance. I watched in awe for perhaps 30- 40 seconds or so, as she stood there and looked at me. Then the light slowly began to gather out of the corners and back into the center until it faded away completely, and she was gone.

“I had a hard time concentrating after that.  I didn’t know what to think or how to think…

After the session JoJean went home where she immediately was told that she needed to go to Andrea because things weren’t good.  She met with Andrea and her husband shortly thereafter and learned that during an ultrasound just a couple of hours before, no heartbeat was found.  Their baby daughter was dead. JoJean continues:

“I shared with them my experience of the morning and expressed the possibility that that beautiful angel was their unborn daughter. Since that time, I have become ever more convinced that indeed she was.

“The reality of that experience was an immeasurable comfort to me in the weeks that followed it – and it has been a source of wonder and joy to me ever since.  I testify now and forever that this was not a dream; it was not a hallucination. It was not a figment of my imagination. It was as real as anything I have ever seen or felt in my life” [4]

What a powerful experience JoJean had!  It’s an honor to those for whom the veil is thinned, even though the situations may be heartbreaking.  In this final miraculous story, both parents, in three different settings, were privileged to communicate with their unborn daughter.

Tragedy and Miracles

Teiva Kubiak and his wife Haunui live on the island of Moorea near Tahiti.  Haunui has had a difficult time with pregnancies in the seven years they have been married.  In the pregnancy I will be referring to, she was nearly four months along when she began encountering problems, eventually losing all the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus.  When this happened, their baby girl [who they named Nuihere] died.  They were devastated because they had been praying for a miracle of healing. Their miracles, however, came in unusual ways.

An amazing sequence of spiritual events began about five days before their baby died.  At that time, they didn’t know the sex of the child, so it was enlightening when Haunui had a vision of a young woman she instantly recognized as her child.  In the vision, this beautiful young woman was waving goodbye to her, so Haunui became alerted for what was coming.

A few days later when Haunui was required to be transported by ambulance from their home to the hospital, she herself died for a short time.  In the spirit world, she saw this same daughter, dressed in white with Christ. It was a magnificent, incredible experience! Haunui desperately  wanted to stay there with them, but both Nuihere and the Lord told her that she hadn’t finished her mission and that she needed to return to her husband Teiva because he needed her more…

Haunui was resuscitated and was able to return home.

A week later, Teiva and Haunui went to the temple to express their tremendous gratitude to Heavenly Father for her recovery.  Teiva continues the story in his own words:

“In the celestial room, as I was praying, I deeply asked our Father in Heaven to let Nuihere come to me. As I was asking, I could feel her love for me. She was with me, like holding me in her arms. It was a moment I will cherish forever. Even writing it now makes tears come out. It lasted like 5 minutes then vanished, but I will never forget it. Only a very few number of people know this story, but I’m happy to share it now as a testimony that the family is eternal.” [5]

Gamut of Experience

In these stories I’ve shared the gamut of experience from the unborn popping in to provide unexpected delight,- to a grandmother encouraging a spirit to be born, – to the witnessing of a spirit before or after death.  Each story illustrates such beautiful ways to be re-introduced to well-known loved ones.

For reasons only God fully knows, some spirits are permitted to manifest themselves to us. When we feel, hear, or see their spirits in this realm it’s a very sacred experience that opens the doorway from one world to another and lets us know how very thin the veil can be… 

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