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JaQuavious grew up in a humble family, but they felt rich when it came to faith in God. That faith has sustained JaQuavious in the darkest moments of his life.

As he grew up, JaQuavious was taunted about his looks, his family’s finances, and his religious beliefs.

“After being bullied for so long, I started getting depressed. My confidence went down. And when my confidence went down emotionally, my confidence also went down spiritually. I wasn’t happy with myself. I didn’t feel like I was worth anything,” he recalls.

On an afternoon when he was home alone, JaQuavious considered suicide. In what he thought could be his last moments, he felt God’s love wash over him. That feeling gave him courage to continue on. Today, JaQuavious turns to God whenever he feels overwhelmed by doubt and darkness.

“I still struggle through things, but I realize that… I’m constantly progressing in this journey,” he says. “Having the Lord with me, I feel protection, I feel security, I feel warmth, I feel peace, and I feel stable.”

How has God helped you through hard days?