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Everyone is born and everyone will die, but birth was not the beginning and death is not the end. Because of Jesus Christ, our spirits and bodies will be reunited after death through the Resurrection, granting us immortality—life after death—forever.

There are two simple facts about our lives on earth: everyone is born and everyone will die. But our birth was not the beginning of our existence, and death will not be the end. Birth and death are simply stepping-stones to mortality and then on to immortality—life after death.

Not only will we go on to live an immortal life, but our bodies and spirits will be reunited through resurrection—a process made possible because of Jesus Christ.

Christ was crucified, and three days later He rose from the dead. With that miraculous event, Christ became the first person ever to be resurrected. Because He overcame death, everyone who has ever lived on the earth will also be resurrected.

Without resurrection, death would separate our bodies and spirits forever. Christ’s Resurrection saves us from that endless separation and grants us immortality. This means that our imperfect, mortal bodies will be changed into glorified bodies that will never again experience disease, injury, or death.