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“Relative Race,” BYUtv’s award-winning, first-of-its-kind reality competition to find unknown living relatives across the country, is returning for its third season this Sunday, March 4 at 9pm ET/7pm MT. This season, the original, unscripted family-history centered series follows four teams as they meet in Washington, D.C. to travel throughout the country in ten days, completing challenges to find, meet for the first time and stay overnight with family.

“Relative Race” combines a cross-country challenge with genealogical research, resulting in a physical and emotional endurance test in which contestants travel throughout the country to discover biological relatives they have never met – or even knew existed. “Relative Race” is hosted by former ESPN anchor Dan J. Debenham.

Season three begins with an amazing discovery on day one and continues as the teams embark on a ten-day odyssey. Provided with only a paper road map, a loaner car and a flip phone with a camera at their disposal, each of the four teams receive instructions via text message to complete two challenges that lead them to their long-lost relatives.

The duos race against the clock to complete tasks that will lead them to new family members living throughout the country. Each day, the team that takes the most time to complete their challenges receives a strike. After receiving three strikes, a duo is eliminated. Cameras follow their journeys through the U.S. and capture the day-to-day triumphs and obstacles that these team face. The winning duo walks away with a $50,000 grand prize.

Teams must use good old-fashioned paper maps – no GPS or Smartphones allowed – as they travel throughout the U.S. in ten days while completing timed challenges that are related to the relatives they are about to meet, including:

  • Unscrambling a large, 15-piece slide puzzle photo of a previously unknown relative
  • Learning how to fight wildfires + Mastering a cultural dance
  • Identifying food that is specific to one’s heritage
  • Successfully answering classic and modern movie trivia questions

“Relative Race” takes viewers on a journey alongside the teams as they test their emotional and physical endurance while simultaneously discovering more about themselves and establishing connections with newly found relatives. The winding roads lead contestants to surprising familial connections from legends such as Elvis Presley to people closer than they expected.

You can share their journey by tuning in starting Sunday, March 4 at 9pm ET/7pm MT.