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Do you sometimes feel like you’re not good enough for God or anyone else? Chances are you’ve had a bout with perfectionism. That downward spiral of thinking “If I’m not perfect, I must be bad” is painful. But whether you know it or not, God’s grace reaches everyone—including perfectionists.

Watch Olivia Ekberg reflect on her experience with perfectionism and God’s grace.

After years of competing internationally in synchronized swimming, Olivia expected the very best from herself. But even when she stood on the podium after a competition and heard her own national anthem, there was always something she thought she could have done better.

For Olivia, not being the best athlete, person, student, daughter, friend, and so on meant something was wrong with her. The extent of Olivia’s perfectionism came to a head when a therapist asked her to look in the mirror and say three things she was proud of and loved about herself. She broke down into tears and couldn’t do it.

As she persevered with counseling, Olivia began to understand what was happening inside her mind. And she learned to be OK with not being the perfect person people saw on the outside.

Having been raised in a religious home, Olivia also sought for God’s help. One day she experienced a warmth that filled every empty space in her soul—she felt God’s grace.

You may not be an internationally ranked athlete like Olivia, but your struggles with perfectionism are real. How have you experienced God’s grace?