There was a huge buzz (pun intended) surrounding ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE during the last half of 2015. And the cast is back to bring you more of the story in 2021.

Carrie Carrington (Lisa Valentine Clark), the stereotypical uber-planner who was the camp director in the original film is back!

Sister Carrington has her daughter’s entire life planned out . . .

Step 1—get accepted to Brigham Young University;

Step 2—serve a mi [Wait. Bree got accepted to BYU Hawaii ? OK. Breathe . It’s just a little wrinkle, even if BYU-H is an ocean away from home];

back to Step 2—serve a mission for her Church [partial; mission papers are submitted];

Step 3—graduate in marine biology;

Step 4—PhD and post-doc research at Stanford;

Step 5—eventually get married and start a family.The plan is working for Bree, too.

Um . . .

It WAS working until Thys Chesterfield (aka Mr. Perfect) came on the scene and . . .

Well . . . you know what they say about the best laid plans.

All too soon, Bree has a ring on her finger and Carrie Carrington is forced to abandon Plan A in order to plan the wedding of the century.

Meridian Magazine went LIVE on our Facebook page Wednesday night to sit down with the creators and star of Once I Was Engaged to talk all about the new film. In case you missed it, watch the video below: