In the latest video from the Church’s “His Grace” series on YouTube, Drew shares his difficult experience with anxiety and perfectionism while serving as a full time missionary:

In his moment of greatest anguish, Drew felt heaven’s peace. He learned that God knew him. Drew was raised in a typical member home where he was taught to obey and serve. Despite separation anxiety as a child, he was strong and felt capable of serving a mission. But several weeks into his mission in the Baltic States he felt the terrible anxiety of perfectionism.“ I felt that if I wasn’t doing something every second to serve the Lord—pushing myself to the breaking point—then I wasn’t deserving of His blessings,” he said.

When Drew returned home for professional help, he was diligent in scripture study and temple service. Still, he felt many low points of inadequacy. He was pricked with the nagging feeling that “no one understands. No one ever will.”

It came to the point where he decided he could no longer live this way. If happiness couldn’t be found here, maybe he could find it elsewhere. “At my lowest point,” he recounted, “I prayed to ask God how He felt about me. Am I doing the right thing?”

Here Drew share his full story in the video below: