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Rebeca’s world came crashing down when, after nine years of marriage in the same faith, her husband Brandon said he no longer believed in God. Fear dominated her thoughts. Would her husband abandon his values? Would he find the world a more appealing and happier place than his family?

Heartbroken and looking for answers she knew one thing for certain, no matter what, she loved Brandon and valued his friendship. So when they stopped communicating because they just “didn’t want to know what each other was thinking” they sought marriage counseling.

They got to a point where they were able to set new goals to strengthen their relationship, goals that weren’t necessarily based on religion or faith, but common goals they could work towards throughout their lives.

Once they learned how to make things work with their different beliefs, they began to communicate better. Rebeca’s husband believed in the morals he was taught as a child and they both felt their children should be raised attending church.

Although it has been difficult navigating her new situation, Rebeca is now closer to God and feels the Savior’s love for Brandon in ways she never understood before.

How have you dealt with differing beliefs in your relationships?