Have you ever felt like you’re too far off the path to change? Kenny shares his story of how change is possible through God’s grace. Kenny was raised by a religious mom who loved God and loved people. But when he was 13 years old, Kenny decided to stop going to church and put God aside. He wanted to do things that would bring him instant prosperity, protection, and status. The standards his mom taught him didn’t really matter anymore.

Kenny knew his choices would take him down a path he would regret, but he went down it anyway. Eventually he wanted to change but didn’t know how. He remembers crying in his car, saying, “Please!” to God.

The next day, missionaries came to his door and asked him, “Have you ever thought about serving a mission?” Right then Kenny knew it was an answer to his plea. He could change! As soon as he started relying on God’s grace to help him change his life, the toxic things in his life left.

Although it took time to repent and change, Kenny’s seed of faith continues to grow.