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As we have spent this weekend honoring mothers on Mother’s Day, we can also reflect on the mothers in the scriptures. In the genealogy of Christ, we learn of five such mothers whose lives leave a legacy and example for us to follow. One of these mothers is the most revered and respected by those in many religions, Mary, the literal mother of Jesus.

Daniel Smith, the creator of the YouTube channel Messages of Christ has just released a video which honors the life of Mary the Mother of Jesus. Studying the historical background of life in Israel, this video considers who Mary was and how she exhibited her faith and courage.

If you would like to include as a part of your Mother’s Day celebration the study of Mary and all the mothers mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ, Book of Mormon Central has made it easy. The free app, ScripturePlus, offers a six-day Reading Plan called Mothers in the Genealogy of Jesus. You can download it for free on both Android and iOS devices. You can access the Reading Plans by tapping on the upper left button and selecting Reading Plans.

Reading Plans are structured, step-by-step guides to scripture study. These plans are split up into easy-to-digest sections with specific assignments. An assignment may have passages of scripture to read, short videos, questions to ponder, and commentary on that section’s topic. These Reading Plans are designed to help you have meaningful and productive scripture study by providing you with readily accessible ideas and resources for a particular topic of study.