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The following is a talk given as part of the Mormon Channel series Hope Works, where individuals share their personal insights about hope and faith and how it works in their lives. 

What’s the difference between a dream life and real life? Liz Wiseman asked this question and came up with three things to do when we feel crushed with broken hopes and dreams. Every day we see images in social media, magazines, and advertising of the dream life. Everything’s in the right place and looks (or seems) perfect. But real life is messy.

There are three things we can do to find joy among the mess.

1. Avoid the false God of perfectionism: Strive for steady improvement without toxic perfectionism. Be compassionate about what you decide to post on social media. Post what’s real instead of what’s filtered—your successes and your disappointments. What’ll happen is instead of promoting jealousy, you’ll bring hope and healing, and you’ll let people know that they’re not alone.

2. Share mistakes: Research shows that when we share our vulnerabilities and mistakes with others, they see us as courageous. When we admit our mistakes we also feel courageous ourselves, which helps us move forward in faith.

3. Look to Jesus Christ for healing: He heals our broken hearts and binds up our wounds. True healing come from Jesus Christ. That which has been broken can be made whole.

Life is messy. Things break. We break. Even if we’ve had our hopes dashed, we can have hope because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Him, we can be fixed.