The latest in the Church’s “Now You Know” series is a video that answers the question “What is Revelation?” This simple, illustrated explanation may be a good way to explain a sometimes daunting topic to friends that are not of our faith. From the Church’s YouTube Channel:

Just as God revealed His will to ancient prophets now recorded in the Holy Bible, He reveals His will today to modern-day prophets. To those who seek Him, He inspires with personal revelation to know His plan for them.

Do you wonder how we know about God? Does God speak to us? Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Latter-day Saints, believe as other Christians that God speaks to His children through revelation, or direct communication. He does this because He loves us and wants us to know about Him and His plan for each of us. He does this through prophetic revelation and personal revelation.

Prophets like Moses, Noah, and others found in the Bible were God’s spokesmen. They communicated God’s will to all of His children. Through these ancient prophets, God declared His will on a variety of topics relevant to their day for their benefit. He gave commandments to live by, instructions regarding how to treat others, and also important truths about the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

Watch the video below: