Just as Leonardo DiCaprio releases his films about the “climate crisis,” actual scientific evidence supporting climate change appears to be virtually non-existent. Europe and the US have committed themselves to huge decreases in their carbon emissions while China and India move to exploit inexpensive energy to bury the US and Europe economically.

One film produced by the famous actor “tells us the world is threatened by a ‘carbon monster.’ Coal, oil, natural gas and other carbon-based forms of energy are causing dangerous climate change and must be turned off as soon as possible, DiCaprio says.” This sensationalistic and error-riddled film comes from Hollywood and not science.

“Science is never settled, but the current state of ‘climate change’ science is quite clear: There is essentially zero evidence that carbon dioxide from human activities is causing catastrophic climate change.”

Notwithstanding the lack of evidence, Europe and the US are proceeding full speed ahead to reduce their carbon footprints dramatically.

“Dr. Bjørn Lomborg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, calculates that the European Union’s goal of a 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions below 1990 levels by 2020, currently the most severe target in the world, will cost almost $100 billion a year by 2020, or more than $7 trillion over the course of this century.”

Looking at this figure showing the carbon emissions from energy use of major countries should be an eye opener of the futility of what the US and Europe are doing. While we tie ourselves into regulatory knots believing that it will combat climate change, China and India aggressively are using inexpensive coal-generated energy to triumph economically over the US and Europe.

CO2 by country