Cover image by Justin Kunz

Since our Sunday School curriculum for 2018 is the Old Testament, I thought I’d begin the year with a poem I wrote about Eve. Some time ago I began to notice how often her name appears in the words we use, and how lovely a thing it is to be reminded of her so often. See if you can find her name again and again, as you read this poem.


She surrounds us like a cloak,

In every breath, everywhere.

Mother Eve.

Her name flows evenly, like rain,

Reverent, from morn ‘til eventide,

Ever there.

She is in the Savior’s sleeve,

And when He grants reprieve

As the Mother of all living,

She is there at our events,

As we develop and reveal,

Everlasting, never leaving,

In the tender words we utter,

We believe.

She is there when we achieve,

And for everyone who grieves,

In revelation, and when we persevere.

Everything contains her name,

Everyone and Evermore.

Everlasting and Forever,

Mother Eve.

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