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As the school year resumes in the United States and Canada, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared a video message of hope with youth and young adults about gospel study on Aug. 23. Following is Elder Hollands message, titled “Reinstituting Institute and Seminary”:

The pandemic has unnerved everyone globally, and members of the Church have been similarly affected. Some people have asked me, “When will we have seminary again?” and “When will the Church reinstitute institute classes?” There is no perfect answer since so much depends on local circumstances and the restrictions for local schools.

We know there are disappointed seminary and institute students out there who are anxious to gather. We are anxious to have them get back together, but none of us wants to rush back or put anyone at risk.

The youth and young adults have been very resilient. I am proud of them. They understand the situation and are making the best of it. We know it isn’t quite the same as having a teacher in the room and the association of classmates, but they’re creative with their study. They’re studying hard, doing things online, and doing some things together where they can be in groups or nearby as neighbors.

Continue to participate in seminary and institute

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