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There is a veil that generally keeps us from seeing other realms and dimensions while we are on this plane of existence.  For many of us, this veil is getting thinner as we plunge into the “angel work,” of gathering Israel on both sides of the veil. Can you feel it?

As the veil thins, people often are able to see/feel angels where they never had been able to before…

Angel Leading the Way to Find Many Family Names

A few years ago, Rex Lowe was in the temple sitting in a session with his eyes closed talking to the Lord.  Suddenly he became aware that there was someone standing next to him.  Rex wrote:

“I opened my eyes and there was my cousin Ken. He said,

‘Rex why haven’t you done my work?’ 

“I sat up stunned, asking myself the same question. (When he was alive, we were good friends and I had shared the Gospel with him, but shortly afterwards he had moved to Canada. We corresponded and I told him I would send the missionaries so he could be baptized.  He wrote back and said it was too late, he was rapidly dying of brain cancer. Then I got a letter from his wife saying he had passed away).

“When I arrived home after that vision with Ken, we decided not only to do his work ASAP, but to go thoroughly through our records again.  Because of this renewed effort, fresh and unexpected avenues opened up helping us to find a treasure trove of family names.”[i]

Ken was a family angel that came through the veil to communicate with Rex. It set in motion good things for those on the other side. The veil is beginning to burst for him…

Learn How to Part the Veil

I love this powerful and profound message that President Nelson recently taught,

“And to each of you who has made temple covenants, I plead with you to seek—prayerfully and consistently—to understand temple covenants and ordinances. Spiritual doors will open. You will learn how to part the veil between heaven and earth, how to ask for God’s angels to attend you, and how better to receive direction from heaven.”[ii]

Parting the veil is a great blessing.  The more we do important “gathering” work, the more likely we will have the veil parted and experience remarkable things of the spirit.

Most Powerful Spiritual Experience I Ever Had

Peter Emery never really bonded with his often-absent father, and always yearned that they could have been closer and could have spent more loving time together.  He had that desire fulfilled in the Salt Lake Temple as he did the endowment for his now-deceased father. Peter shares,

“This was a time my wife and I would remember because there, that week at the temple, the veil was thin. In my case he was there with me as I passed through the veil of the temple in his behalf.

He was there waiting for me! We touched, spirit to spirit. It was inexplicable in every day terms yet it was so right!  It was the most powerful spiritual experience I had had until then. 

“It was almost the only time that my father and I truly genuinely communicated – normally it was receiving commands or answering demands… an authority – subordinate way of life.  It changed the way I thought about my father forever. I finally felt that we were family.”[iii]

What a magnificent veil thinning experience for Peter.  Family relations know no boundaries…

In the Company of Angels

Elder Gerrit W. Gong taught,

“As we honor our covenants, we may sometimes feel we are in the company of angels. And we will be – those we love and who bless us on this side of the veil and those who love and bless us from the other side of the veil.” [iv]

Reunion of Family in the Temple Through the Veil

Beulah shared this story where the veil parted for her in the temple.  She writes,

“Dad died in 2012, and shortly after he passed, he came to me. He sat next to me on the bed, with his arm around me, and we talked for about 45 minutes. I have known from that moment—that he‘s just gone ahead of me—and I will see him again when my time comes.

“Two years later, when my mom passed away, my husband and I did their temple work, and I saw them both. My Dad stood a distance in front of my mom. At his side, stood an angel holding the baby they had lost. On the other side of Dad, stood my 15-year-old brother who had been killed in an accident many years before. The angel took the little one and placed her in Mom’s arms. After gushes of tender tears, my little brother Ed ran and threw his arms around them both, with Dad at his heel.

“My parents had been divorced for many years, however, due my Bishops advice, we were there in the temple to reunite and seal us as a family. Everyone in the sealing room was in tears, even though they did not know the full story.

“What a great joy for us to be sealed as a family—after nearly forty years.”[v]

What a treasure for Beula to always cherish.  Happiness bursts forth as the veil thins…

Feeling Heavenly Presence

Allison Tullis shared this story that happened when temples were beginning to reopen after Covid. She writes,

“On my first time back to the temple since reopening, I took a family name that I had meant to do long before Covid but had kept putting off. I was so happy to finally do her work and had felt so guilty that she had to wait so long. While I was receiving the new name, I felt her presence so strongly and heard the words, “thank you!” I could feel her happiness that she was finally receiving her endowment which took away my guilt and caused me such happiness, too![vi]  

The veil was thinned for Allison so she would know how appreciated she was by family angels as she did work for them.  Sister Wendy Nelson admonishes us to,

“Make time to help those on the other side make covenants with God! As you do so, the power of God will flow into your life in an unprecedented way.[vii]

Who doesn’t want more of the Power of God in their lives?

Witnesses Revealed

Helen Condon told me about a special revelation she had of Temple Work.  She wrote,

“While on a trip to my Alma Mater, Church College of New Zealand, I took my beloved Uncle Albert’s name to the Hamilton temple and asked for a male to do his work while I was there.

As I sat behind a window watching his confirmation, I saw the two mortal witnesses and at the same time felt two spirit witnesses standing on either side of me. Truly that day I knew that what we record on earth is recorded in Heaven.”[viii]

That knowledge was confirmed to her as the veil in the temple parted that day. 

Increased Opportunities for Temple Experiences are Coming

Elder Henry B. Eyring said,

“I know that temples of the Lord are holy places. My purpose today in speaking of temples isto increase your desire and mine to be worthy and ready for the increased opportunities for temple experiences that are coming for us.” 

What temple experiences may be coming for you?

As we gather Israel in any capacity, we will “learn how to part the veil between heaven and earth, how to ask for God’s angels to attend you, and how better to receive direction from heaven”[ix] 

The veil o’er the earth is beginning to burst.  Can you feel it?

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