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As the latest season of the biblical drama “The Chosen” nears its debut in theaters, viewers should be prepared to witness Jesus experience some of the hardest parts of His earthly ministry — losing loved ones and experiencing increased persecution, not just from the Romans, but from His own people.

It is, according to Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays Jesus, “by far, the most intense and mature and challenging season” yet.

“Not just for me, but I think for everybody on the cast and crew,” Roumie told The Christian Post. “But I think what we created is going to be pretty beautiful.”

“The Chosen” season 4 (episodes 1-3) hits theaters Feb. 1, with episodes 4-6 playing in theaters Feb. 15 and episodes 7-8 debuting Feb. 29. It marks the first time that the full season of a television streaming series has debuted nationwide at the cinema.

Directed by Dallas Jenkins and distributed by Lionsgate, “The Chosen” is the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Jesus Christ and His followers. Set in first century Galilee and Judaea, the series stars Roumie, Shahar Isaac, Paras Patel, Elizabeth Tabish and others.

While previous seasons of “The Chosen” have focused on Jesus’ early ministry years and teachings, including some of His most well-known parables and miracles, season 4 depicts the Son of God as a “man of sorrows” and “acquainted with grief” as the story builds toward His crucifixion.

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