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Another day, another tantrum at one of the nation’s top law schools. On Thursday, law students at Stanford (the No. 2 law school in the country) followed the example set by their peers at Yale (No. 1) by shouting down U.S. Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan, preventing him from delivering a lecture to other students who had invited him.

Student members of The Federalist Society invited Duncan, who sits on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, to talk about how the decisions of his court have affected Supreme Court decisions. He didn’t get the chance.

When liberal students heard that Duncan would speak on campus, they expressed their “upset and outrage” to Tirien Steinbach, the law school’s associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion, who shared their feelings.

In an email, Steinbach wrote that Duncan “repeatedly and proudly threatened healthcare and basic rights for marginalized communities, including LGBTQ+ people, Native Americans, immigrants, prisoners, Black voters, and women.”

This isn’t true, but an undeterred Steinbach said that “his presence on campus represents a significant hit to [students’] sense of belonging.”

Steinbach said Stanford Law School supports the right of students to protest the event, but she promised that the school would not “censor Judge Duncan’s [sic], nor the students’ [sic] hosting him, nor stifle free speech by canceling this engagement.”

Before the event started, about 100 protesters jeered at 20 or so members of The Federalist Society as they entered the room. Inside, 50 to 70 protesters shouted insults and vulgarities at Duncan. (Many jeers were too vulgar to print, but you can read some here).

This continued for 20 to 30 minutes as the judge tried in vain to deliver his remarks.

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