Few things are as glorious as a temple wedding. Being sealed for eternity is a monumental event, or as today’s couples might say, “Epic.”  So why not honor the new couple with a temple-related gift?  Even if you’re already planning to help them furnish their new home with items from their registry, or give them the ever-popular gift card, some of these additional suggestions could be wonderful ways to help them remember their temple covenants.

I’ve compiled a few items you can find in Latter-day Saint bookstores or online, but this is not to suggest that everyone needs everything. You could choose a few to put in a “temple kit,” if you like. These also make great gifts for anyone who loves the temple:  

A calendar, with their wedding date circled every month, so they can choose a nearby day to go that honors their anniversary. This is a great way to make sure you attend each month.
A gift certificate for two hours (or more) of computer help on Family Tree
A map of all the temples
A temple statue
Baking sheets, a mixer, and temple-shaped cookie cutters
White sweaters, for chilly sessions
A framed picture of “their” temple
A church book about the temple
If you sew or quilt, how about a comforter with an applique of their temple in the center?
A ream of paper and some scissors, for cutting up family history slips to take to the temple
An iron, for ironing temple clothing
A gas card, to help get them there and back again
Temple keychain, necklace, tie tack, recommend holder, magnet, or lanyard
A temple Christmas ornament
A temple night light
Temple bags
A framed quote about family or eternity

Any of these would be cherished, especially if they came with your testimony, or an inspiring story. They also make great conversation pieces for our efforts to gather Israel and be enthusiastic missionaries. We’ve enjoyed telling about some of the art and objects in our home, when non-members visit.

And for those creators and sellers of temple-related items, how about considering the following list of products many of us would love to buy? They may already exist, but I could find any:

Temple cell phone covers
Cake stands—the base can be a temple
Wooden hangers embossed with temple phrases
Temple book ends
Candles in embossed glass holders
Vases bearing the image of various temples
Full sets of dishes, platters
Embossed drinking glasses
Polos and V-neck sweaters with small temple emblems on them
Wall clocks (I did see one, but only of one temple)
Temple-printed file folders
Scented soaps with a temple embossed on them
Mouse pads
Binders and totes to help with church callings

Getting sealed in the temple is awesome, and from mementos to great art, it’s good to remember that sacred experience with a gift that will last forever as well.

Hilton is an award-winning playwright and the author of many best-selling Latter-day Saint books. Those, her humor blog, and YouTube Mom videos can be found on her website.