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The general president of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says malnutrition can strike families anywhere in the world. 

Sister Jean B. Bingham, leader of one of the world’s largest women’s organizations, is in the Philippines to see how a Church-sponsored pilot nutrition program is working in a Latter-day Saint congregation in the community of Catarman, located in the province of Northern Samar.

“Visiting the families that were part of the nutrition program was amazing,” said Sister Bingham during ministering visits to members’ homes on Monday, February 3, 2020. “When they were first told that their children weren’t getting the appropriate nourishment, it must have been a shock. And yet they thought, ‘I’m going to do everything I can to help my child.’ They made every effort to keep track of what they’re eating and to provide the appropriate nutrition.”

Malnutrition remains a threat in Catarman, even though the agricultural town grows and supplies coconut, rice, abaca, corn, rice and vegetables to other parts of the country.

Pilot Nutrition Program

The Church’s pilot nutrition program in the Philippines is an area-led effort to help address stunted growth and other ill effects of poor nutrition of children from newborn to 60 months in age. A nutrition committee was formed in the stake (similar to a diocese) to administer the program. Local Church leaders also sought assistance from local government units and rural health experts to provide nutrition training.

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