The Holidays are upon us and that means family and friends gathering. This can be something you dread or something you cherish. Either way, it’s going to require healthy boundaries if you’re going to stay sane! Join me and my wife, Jody, as we answer questions from our listeners on their most challenging holiday boundary issues.

Some of the questions discussed include:

  1. How do I know when boundaries will serve me versus when I’m just avoiding vulnerability?
  2. How do I adjust being on the receiving end of someone’s new boundaries? Sometimes I feel it’s easier to be the one setting the boundaries.
  3. My sister-in-law doesn’t get any help from her deadbeat husband or in-laws with her kids when visiting. It’s draining. He wants to stay as long as possible because he gets taken care of like a kid. She doesn’t.
  4. How do I set boundaries from another culture, different cultural norms regarding commenting on children’s behaviors, parenting, even body and clothing choices?
  5. Covid! We are vaccinated and my in-laws are not. So uncomfortable.
  6. How do I handle it when I have a child with food allergies and issues but extended family doesn’t get it?
  7. What if you and your spouse disagree or have different needs with the boundaries? 
  8. How do I get help from adult children who come stay with you instead of mom turning into a slave (without coming across like a beast)?
  9. Do I need to feel guilty only giving my son’s children something for Christmas and not his bully new wife and her children? The mom in me cannot seem to ignore the guilt that creeps up on certain occasions!
  10. How do I deter relatives and guests from bringing up sensitive topics. How do I respond when they do?

My wife, Jody, is the co-host of the podcast, Speak up Sister

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