The following was contributed by John Hewlett, Founder and Formulator of Cardio Miracle.

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As a diabetic, Scot Proctor looks forward with trepidation at the end of each year to his annual checkup with his ophthalmologist because of his history of heart disease and diabetes and the trauma of diminishing eyesight that often accompanies the disease. 

Good news would be a gift. Diabetes is usually a progressive disease.

Since starting a daily Cardio Miracle regimen almost three years ago, Scot’s doctor has given him increasingly favorable reports on the improved health of his eyes.  He talks about his ophthalmologist’s good news in this short video that he filmed the day he got home from the doctor—and only somebody who knows that eyesight is on the line with diabetes might understand the sheer joy he felt.

To paraphrase Joseph Pilates, the famed exercise guru who suffered from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever as a child, health is the first requisite of happiness.   Our mission at Cardio Miracle is to help you realize the happiness that good health brings.


For diabetics and people with heart disease, like Scot who is afflicted with both conditions, good health is a constant concern.

People with diabetes have a reduced ability to produce nitric oxide, which may be one reason they have an increased risk of heart disease. Abnormalities in the body’s production of nitric oxide have been implicated in high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, (narrowing of the arteries), and stroke.

Normally, cells lining the inner wall of blood vessels – the endothelium – secrete nitric oxide, which travels to the muscle cells around the blood vessels and causes them to widen, allowing easier blood flow. 

Impaired nitric oxide production may contribute to constricted blood vessels, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis. Scientists now know that nitroglycerin and similar drugs dilate blood vessels and help alleviate angina — temporary chest pain resulting from insufficient oxygen to the heart — because these drugs simulate the release of nitric oxide.   Cardio Miracle doesn’t simulate the release of nitric oxide, it stimulates increased production of nitric oxide – naturally!

Nitric oxide is a clear, colorless gas that performs a number of important functions in the body. Nitric oxide is considered such an important chemical in the body that the journal Science named it the “Molecule of the Year” in 1992, and in 1998 three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for researching its role in the body in helping to alleviate the complications of diabetes and heart disease.

Nitric oxide also keeps blood platelets from clumping together and sticking to the inner walls of arteries, protecting the body from blood clots and atherosclerosis.  A doctor whose career was spent treating patients with heart disease at the renowned Cleveland Clinic says it’s like coating your endothelium – the one cell lining of every inch of your cardiovascular system – with Teflon instead of Velcro.

Cardio Miracle has been formulated to be the finest, all-natural, nitric oxide-stimulating supplement on the market.  We have seen that it supports general wellbeing, increased energy, and improved health for people with a wide variety of health concerns.

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It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver,” said Mahatma Gandhi.  

For a gift that keeps giving, supplement your body’s nitric oxide production with Cardio Miracle – the gold standard of nitric oxide-stimulating supplements.  Share it with your family and friends.  You’ll see the results that Scot and so many others have experienced through a regular regimen of Cardio Miracle.

To your health!
John Hewlett, 

Founder and Formulator of Cardio Miracle