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The Relief Society General Presidency has launched a new worldwide social media channel on Instagram and on Facebook.

Similar to Young Women Worldwide and Young Men Worldwide, the new Relief Society Worldwide account is a place to find connection, unity, and strength in Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the Relief Society Worldwide account is to do the following:

  • Unite, build and strengthen women on a shared journey of discipleship and divine connection.
  • Foster friendships that span continents and support each other in becoming more like Jesus Christ.
  • Explore the profound joy, strength and power that come from making and keeping covenants with God.
  • Share stories of relief, resilience and renewal from every corner of the globe.
  • Witness how women receive the relief of Jesus Christ when they provide relief to their sisters and brothers.
  • Learn from insights, ideas and testimonies on ministering with a Christlike touch.
  • Give more personal insight into the women of the Relief Society General Presidency and the Relief Society General Advisory Council.

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