For years we had a column called Circle of Sisters, where we invited people to ask the questions that weighed upon them, and invited you all as readers to respond, sharing your wisdom and insight. We hope you will respond to these questions. Without your help there will be no dialogue, and each of us need each other’s insights.

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Today we start with a question about the new Come, Follow Me curriculum and the invitation we have to make the gospel home-centered and church-supported. Please share your ideas and solutions with this sister who is pleading for help. We need each other!

A reader asks:

I want to teach the gospel and make my home Christ-centered, but I have two children who utterly resist this. They are older teens and don’t want to go to church any more. They have suggested that if we make teaching the gospel the center of our home, it will only divide them from us. They say that it will only mean that we are pushing the church on them and they will be mad. I don’t think these are idle threats. I want to keep a happy relationship with my children and teach the gospel in my home, but I feel like they are pushing me to make a tough decision for the sake of our relationship. What should I do? And in general, how to parents handle making the gospel the center of our lives when we have children or in-laws who find that offensive? I need help.