I’ve always been fascinated with dreams. While most of the time we barely notice them, our dreams are important for us and often for others.  Sometimes we receive dreams that give us wind of our future. When we do, these epic inspired dreams can warn, reveal, motivate, and even change the course of our lives…

Strange Dream of Prophecy for Three Siblings

Many years ago, my sister-in-law Luci Vantassel had a strange dream that impacted herself and two of her siblings.  She wrote,

“I was at my parents’ house in El Paso. There were a lot of people there for a reception-type party, and it was very crowded. I specifically remember Elbert and Nadine being there. A storm started raging and the wind was blowing and howling. Huge branches were broken off the trees.

“Nadine, Elbert and I went outside trying to figure what to do and we started to pick up some of the branches. At that moment, we looked down at our feet and noticed something peculiarly funny.  I said,
“Nadine look! Your shoes are almost the same as mine!”  We all laughed.

We concurred that it was best to stay inside.  Although the storm was violent around us, we were protected in the home and knew we were safe, we felt calm.”[1]

Seventeen days after she had the dream Luci was diagnosed with Leukemia.  She didn’t realize the importance of the dream until a few months later that she learned that Nadine had developed a very serious health problem as well, i.e., (similar shoes). Luci also discovered that Elbert was going through a difficult trial at that time, and later developed cancer himself. 

What are the chances these three would have similar simultaneous suffering?  The fact that it was predicted in a dream, somehow it made the suffering easier to bear. The Lord was aware of each of them and let them know in advance a bit of what He knew they would encounter and that His calm could be with them.

The winds of storm come to all of us.  The Lord in His mercy sometimes sends dreams to help us find our way out of the storms and deep abysses that we find ourselves in…

Profound Dream to Get Help

Aileen Speakman shared a prophetic dream with me when she wrote,

 “Just after my daughter Claira was born, I sunk into a deep depression. I had never felt like this before and didn’t know how to handle it, so I just stayed home. I stopped hanging out with friends, even going to family functions. Being in crowds was not even possible. I call it, ‘The time I went dark.’ 

“This went on for almost 4 or 5 years… I was just surviving. I knew I didn’t like feeling like this but had no idea what to do to fix it. Then one night I had a dream.  

“My grandma came to me in a very vivid dream. She looked just like her old self, but just amazingly soft and gloriously beautiful; all in white… she took my breath away…so when she showed up in my dream I was just totally surprised and I asked her,

‘What are you doing here?’

She then said,

‘We were worried about you and wanted to make sure you were on the right path’… I then woke up. 

Right path? What does that mean, I asked myself?

“After talking with some close family and friends we came to the conclusion that I needed to get help with my depression, so I sought help.” [2]

Because of this dream Aileen realized that she needed help and was able to find healing.

Dreams can seem so intimately personal, but they can often comfort, warn or serve as an illumination for other people as well.

Prophetic Dream of Warning

As Elder F. Enzio Busche was visiting a Stake President in Arizona, Elder Busche asked him about a certain Ward in the Stake that had not been able to maintain their Primary organization.  The Stake President told the story of a woman.  Elder Busche writes,

“He said that the bishop of that ward was very concerned because no sister was willing to accept the call to serve.  He spoke about the matter fervently with Heavenly Father.  After much fasting and prayer, he received a powerful manifestation from the Spirit that he should call a certain inactive sister. He reasoned against it, but received several confirmations and, finally, he went to see the sister who told him an interesting experience that had happened to her.

She said that the night before, she had seen in a dream a manifestation of Hell.  A messenger had told her that she must decide whether she wanted to go to that ugly place of filth, or whether she wanted to return to Heavenly Father.  In my understanding, this seemed to be a warning vision…

“She was still in a state of shock, trembling over the experience of the previous night, and was very surprised when the bishop wanted to see her the next morning. 

“She was overwhelmed and committed to the bishop that she would bring herself into compliance with the covenant she had made with God and accepted with deep humility the sacred call to serve as Primary president.

When the other sisters of the ward understood what had happened, it caused such a stir that a completely new spirit of rededication and commitment developed.”[3]

Yes, dreams can completely change our trajectories…

A Prophetic Dream that My Father Could Understand

Leon Hartshorn related the following story about a dream that completely shifted his father’s life,

“My father was a good man… He taught his children to be honest and upright. He always paid his tithing, but he did not attend Church. My father had worked in the mines much of his life, in an environment that did not usually invite the Spirit of God, and perhaps for this reason he did not think that he could be fully active and enjoy the full blessings of activity in the gospel.

“When I had been married two or three years, I returned to my father’s home for a visit. As we sat down together, he said to me,

 ‘Son, I’ve had a dream. I dreamed I was standing on the edge of a cliff, and the Savior came riding toward me on a horse. He had a rope tied to the saddle and wrapped around the saddle horn. He reached the rope out to me and said,

‘Bob, I want you to lower me and my horse down this cliff.’

“I replied that this was impossible; there was no way one man could lower the weight of a horse and rider down a cliff. He responded,

‘Bob, lower me and my horse down the cliff.’

“So, I took the end of the rope and lowered them down the cliff. To my surprise, it was not difficult at all. When the horse and rider arrived at the bottom of the cliff, he looked up and said,

‘Bob, drop the rope.’

I dropped it, and he wound it around the saddle horn again. Then looking up at me from the bottom of the cliff, he said simply,

‘Bob, it’s just that easy for you to live my commandments if you will try.’

“It was a lesson my father could understand, a lesson in his own language of horses, riders, saddles, and ropes. Thereafter he would try whatever he was asked to do in the Church and was very active during the last twenty-five years of his life.”[4]

That dream made a big difference to him, because he finally understood how the Lord viewed him.

Using Prophetic Dreams to Give Guidance

Have you had any prophetic dreams?  I bet you have, or at the very least have strongly resonated with other’s prophetic dreams. These epic inspired dreams have warned, revealed, motivated, and even changed the course of our lives

How comforting it is to know that the Lord knows the end from the beginning and sometimes shares what He knows with us.  

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