Photo Essay: “Beauty for Ashes” – The Provo City Center Temple « Meridian Magazine

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May 21, 2024


Scot Facer Proctor took the photographs for this essay except for the interior shots where were provided by the LDS Newsroom. Please note the captions below each photograph.  You may arrow through the photos at your own pace with your mouse or touchpad on the right or left of the photograph.  To subscribe to Meridian’s free newsletter, click here.


Elder and Sister DyalJanuary 13, 2016

We are Senior Missionaries serving in Porto Portugal but the Provo City Temple is our temple. We would love to be there to be a part of this big occasion but since we can't we were thrilled to read and see the beauty of this glorious Temple. My parents saw each other in that building and began dating. We have attended many functions there. Thank you for sharing with us and helping us be a part of it all.

sue maxwellJanuary 12, 2016

I live in Provo, also, and it has been like watching a miracle performed. I can't wait to have my tour. Beauty for ashes is a great description. A friend used it on top of the photo of her and her husband! I am not sure if she gets Meridian or not, but that might be a wonderful "co-incidence. I also found a video of the history of the temple and it's transformation. Really interesting.


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