Magnificent Payson Utah Temple Seen by Press for the First Time « Meridian Magazine
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February 24, 2024


Exterior images by Scot Facer Proctor.  All interior images (and one night image) used by permission of Intellectual Reserve.

Just when we thought we had seen the most beautiful temple ever…we were invited to tour the soon-to-be-dedicated Payson Utah Temple.  It is magnificent beyond words.  It is, as if, the experience and lessons of 180 years of building temples is paying off as never before.  How did a little orchard and farming community (population 19,154) get such a temple?  Elder Kent F. Richards, Executive Director in the Temple Department of the Church said that the growth of the Church along the Wasatch Front warranted the building of this temple.  In addition, Elder William R. Walker, former Executive Director in the Temple Department, told us that President Monson told the department to look at building a temple there–a prophet’s wish and a prophetic view.  Come with us for a few minutes on the press open house and see some of the exterior and the interior of this stunning edifice.  It will lift your day (just don’t show these images to your eligible daughters or you’ll be planning a wedding in Payson Utah).


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