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August 24, 2019


At first it may seem like a strange combination, painting scenes from Jesus’s life in a more modern cubism style, but noted LDS Argentine artist Jorge Cocco Santángelo, said that is how he found his voice and a way to deliver a more powerful spiritual impact.

A new exhibit of twenty-four of his paintings, called “Sacred Events from the Life of Christ” has just opened at the Church History museum in Salt Lake City, and he was there Thursday to talk about them. The exhibit will run from May 17 to Oct.1, 2018.

A sampling of some of his paintings are in this photo essay.   Please click on this link to see a fuller collection from the Church History Museum.

Amiel CoccoJuly 30, 2018

Elder Brady, my parents (Jorge and Myriam) remember you and the drawing he made of you! Please contact us. [email protected]

Haze KompelienMay 20, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting this brother and his son at BYU education week. The use of light and dark, and his style make for stunning art that is so different from the "traditional" styles. They draw your eye, and heart, to Jesus in every painting! I purchased four of his prints and look forward to getting more.