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Pfizer announced on Monday that its coronavirus vaccine developed with BioNTech SE prevented 90 percent of infections in a trial with tens of thousands of volunteers, in a major step toward authorization of a vaccine for general use.

The Pfizer vaccine trial enrolled 44,000 participants in total, with no serious safety issues arising from the vaccine itself. Trials will continue until at least 164 participants become sick with at least one symptom of coronavirus, and full data for the vaccine’s efficacy was still incomplete as of Monday. The duration of immunity caused by the vaccine is as yet unknown.

However, Pfizer said it could ask the Food and Drug Administration by the end of November for emergency authorization of the vaccine.

“This is about the best the news could possibly be for the world and for the United States and for public health,” William Gruber, Pfizer senior vice president for vaccine clinical research and development, said in a statement.

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