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The following comes from LDS365

Online seminary is an additional option to the existing daily, released-time, and home-study seminary classes.

It is not intended to replace established daily or released-time classes, but may be considered in situations where students cannot meet each weekday because of distance or other limiting factors.

Priesthood leaders can make online seminary available in areas that consist mostly of stake seminary programs (not released-time areas). Online seminary is preferred to home-study classes when students and teachers have daily access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

Students complete online assignments on four days of each week, and then the teacher and students meet together for one class each week. If it is not possible to physically meet face-to-face, a web conferencing tool can be used for the class to meet together.

Currently, the classes are available only in English.

For more information, see “Online Seminary Resources and watch the video “Introducing Online Seminary.”