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The official movie trailer inspired for The Last Descent, a new movie inspired by the true story of John Jones and the 2009 incident at Nutty Putty Cave was shared on social media as a buildup to the Excel Entertainment release of, The Last Descent.

By all accounts, John Jones was an experienced caver and lived a life of adventure. In 2009 John entered Nutty Putty Cave with his brother Josh. What happened next has been a topic of much discussion and controversy ever since. Like many Utahans, writer and director Isaac Halasima remembers visiting the Nutty Putty cave when he was younger.  “After learning of John’s fight for survival, I knew I wanted to share his story,” Halasima recalls, “it’s important for others to understand the unforgettable strength and courage John exerted.”

The trailer sets up the story and showcases the stellar filmmaking and incredible acting that outdoor enthusiasts and moviegoers will appreciate. Notable members of the cast include California leads Chadwick Hopson and Alexis Johnson, along with a winning performance from Landon Henneman a local Utah actor. The talented cast and crew took the emotionally wrenching story and transform the heights of triumph and the depths of tragedy to bring a hopeful film to the silver screen. “When you’re telling a true story there’s a sense of responsibility to get it right,” explained Johnson, playing the part of Emily Jones – John’s wife, “it was truly a gift for me to play the role of such an amazing and strong woman, faced with a difficult journey.” During the filming of The Last Descent, Emily Jones Sanchez visited the set and quickly connected with Johnson.

Over 127 rescuers responded to the call for aid in 2009, many of their stories became a composite of events portrayed in the film. A human life is more than one singular event. The Last Descent is a story of life, love and loss at the edge of existence.

Scheduled to hit theaters on September 16, 2016, check out the trailer below and experience what John, Emily, and the rescuers faced as everyone work frantically to get John Jones out of the cave.

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