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April 12, 2024

First Line News Articles for Friday, April 12 2024


Longest-serving liberal judge announces retirement from Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin’s longest-serving liberal Supreme Court member announced her retirement on Wednesday, risking the liberal justices’ majority rule on the court.

Kim Jong Un promises ‘death blow’ to potential enemies, ignores Biden’s request for cooperation

Kim Jong Un told a meeting of military officials this week that North Korea will mobilize an overwhelming assault on any hypothetical enemy, ignoring President Biden’s requests for cooperation.

EU approves major overhaul of migration rules

After years of negotiations, the European Parliament has approved a major reform tightening the EU’s migration and asylum rules.

US Ally Intercepts Chinese Warships in Pacific

A flotilla of Chinese navy ships appears to be returning home after a week of operations in the Western Pacific, according to Japanese geospatial data released on Wednesday.

NHS Demands Data from Adult Gender Clinics after Damning Report

The NHS England is demanding data from adult gender clinics in response to a landmark independent review which found there is “very limited evidence on the longer-term outcomes” associated with the medicalized transition of minors.

Zelenskyy Calls for More Air Defense After ‘Massive’ Russian Strikes

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for more air defense supplies Thursday morning after Russia used over 40 missiles and 40 drones to deal damage to the country’s critical infrastructure in five regions.


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