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July 3, 2020

First Line News Articles for Friday, July 3 2020


Census door knockers starting in 6 states later this month

Homes in six states across the U.S. can expect to get knocks on their doors from census takers in two weeks as part of a soft launch of the next phase of the largest head count in U.S. history, Census Bureau officials said Wednesday.

Supreme Court turns away pro-life challenges to buffer zones around abortion clinics

The Supreme Court rejected two cases Thursday dealing with buffer zones around abortion clinics that ban pro-life advocates from approaching women entering abortion facilities.

McConnell on filibuster talk: Democrats want to ‘vandalize’ Senate rules

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) unloaded on Democrats Thursday amid renewed chatter about nixing the legislative filibuster if they win back the majority in November.

Trump administration awards tech startup contract to build ‘virtual’ border wall

The Trump administration has reportedly awarded a contract to a California-based tech startup to set up hundreds of “autonomous surveillance towers” along the U.S.-Mexico border to aid its immigration enforcement efforts.

Supreme Court won’t speed Texas vote-by-mail case

The Supreme Court said Thursday that it won’t speed a case challenging Texas’ restrictions on mail-in voting, leaving in place lower court rulings that said fear of contracting the coronavirus isn’t a valid reason under state law.

Virginia wedding photographer sues over pro-LGBT state law

‘It isn’t the state’s job to tell me what I must capture on film or publish on my website’

House committee passes bipartisan $741 billion defense bill by unanimous vote

NDAA CLEARS HASC: Just before midnight last night, the House Armed Services Committee passed the $741 billion National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 56-0, a rare show of bipartisanship in a deeply divided Congress.

Kansas governor orders masks to be worn in public, at work

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly has issued an order directing Kansas residents to wear masks in public places and their workplaces

Supreme Court declines to hear Equal Pay Act case

The Supreme Court is leaving in place a decision that employers can’t use past salary history to justify a pay disparity between male and female employees

Massachusetts City Officially Recognizes Polyamorous Relationships

A left-leaning Massachusetts city has adopted a domestic partnership ordinance granting polyamorous groups the same rights as married couples.


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