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March 29, 2023

First Line News Articles for Wednesday, March 29 2023

LDS News

What’s the current status for the 118 temples announced by President Nelson?

What’s the current status for the 118 temples announced by President Nelson?

Called to paint: This Latter-day Saint veteran is on a mission to create portraits of deceased missionaries

Wounded Vietnam vet JR Johansen knew his health was failing, yet he answered a call to paint missionaries who died while serving. Now, scores of portraits later, he’s brought healing to grieving families all over the world—and to himself.

Temple design released

Two weeks after the location of the new Cody Temple for The Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was announced, local residents have been given their first look at the preliminary design of the new building.

A labor of love: Local missionaries provide acts of love through free labor

A labor of love—A group of young men in the Bryan/ College Station area come together and gather their hands to provide free labor to those in need within the community.

Find out about the 12th International Art Competition awards

Visitors’ Choice Awards announced as the public show came to an end March 4

Meet the 10 singers from 6 countries who will be performing with the Tabernacle Choir during general conference

The singers — from Brazil, Mexico, Ghana, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan — are part of the Tabernacle Choir’s pilot program


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