All of the videos in the Media Library that have captions now offer an interactive transcript.

With interactive transcripts you can:

  • See the text of what’s being said in the video.
  • Search the text of the what is said in the video.
  • Print the text of the video.
  • Follow along with the text as the video advances.
  • Select sections of text and clip just that section and share it.

With this clipping function, you can now create your very own highlight or quote from a video! Here are the steps to create your own snippet from a video:

  1. Click on the word Transcript below the video to display the transcript, as shown in the example below. Clicking the word Transcript toggles the display on and off. If the word Transcript doesn’t appear below a video, there is not yet a transcript available for that video.
  2. Highlight the text that you want to clip or share by clicking and dragging with your mouse. When you release the mouse click, the word Clip will appear above the text window.
  3. Click the word Clip and select one of these 3 social sharing options:

Facebook. This will show a Share on Facebook window and give you the chance to type a comment about the video you are sharing. (Even though you don’t see the image of the video, it will display on your Facebook timeline.) Note that today (June 5th), there is a glitch with this option so that it shares the whole video without the start and stop points, but this should be fixed soon.

Twitter. This option shows a Twitter window where you can adjust your tweet text, then click Tweet.

Get Shortened Link. This displays a Bitly link. You can right-click and copy that link to share.  Or you can click the link, which will then open a new browser tab showing the entire video in context, but it will start and stop playing at the points you selected. You can then copy that longer URL to share.

Another advantage of these interactive transcripts is that they will also improve the search engine rankings of LDS videos because the full text of videos will be searchable from external search engines, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The video Secure Anchor is an example of where you can see one of these interactive transcripts in action.