New Concert Honoring George Washington for 4th of July

This article was written by the Founder and Artistic Director of the Draper Philharmonic & Choral Society. Today, it is not often recognized that American colonists in the 1700’s spoke freely of God and often acknowledged His power and influence in their lives. They believed that if they honored God and kept His commandments that He in turn would keep His promises to protect them, prosper them, and bless them with freedom. They spoke of this as being a covenant with God. George Washington: Ordained of God is the first in our American Covenant Series: One Nation Under God, a series of new musical productions the Draper Philharmonic & Choral Society are commissioning to tell the stories of great souls who, along with George Washington, honored this covenant, resulting in God’s blessings upon this land. We are so excited to announce the premiere performances June 25-26 at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City (see below for ticket details). The complete history of the American Revolutionary War is seldom taught. Rarely are certain firsthand accounts shared, even those written by British officers, that told of miracles occurring which totally changed the outcomes of various battles and events. In George Washington: Ordained … Continue reading New Concert Honoring George Washington for 4th of July